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Urban apartment Ukraine





450 sq. m.





Urban apartment

Probably everyone imagines the metropolis in the same way - аs a noisy, hurrying, often stressful. But everyone has one's own idea about a place to relax from the big city bustle and get new energy. We represent Urban apartment.

We took the line as a basic element of design. We broke it at a right angle, creating reliefs and contours. This is how columns, niches and the general geometry of the space of this two-stored apartment appeared. The line gave us the opportunity to make full use of our favorite device - different scenarios of light. This is the backlighting of ceilings, portals, mirrors and elements of furniture items. This technique, in contrary to direct illuminating, makes natural finishing materials such as natural stone, light wood, tinted glass to look to advantage. On the ground floor there is an entrance hall leading to a spacious living room. On the ground floor there are also the kitchen with dining room, bathroom and nursery. Upstairs is the master bedroom with dressing room, lounge, and bathroom. The second part of the upper floor is occupied by another living room.

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