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Personal shelter Ukraine





115 sq.m.





Personal shelter

Each meter of this apartment was worked out for comfortable spending time in. But one part is for visitors and guests and the other one is for private leisure time. We combined kitchen and the living room so that you can easily have space for small company. Having considerably low ceiling made by the developers we managed to provide local air circuit and install canal conditioning avoiding visible blocks. Also, we expanded the space by light decoration and delicate vertical details. French window of tinted alder became a central element of the living room next to the hanging swings which are here just for fun. It may seem that there are so many things in the same room, but all these elements interact with each other and add up to a unique feeling of sweet home. In rooms for personal use, the white color of the walls dominates as well, but we have added a lot of warm wood and geometric lighting, which together creates a special atmosphere of the bedroom.

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