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Create housing by combining the atmosphere of a metropolis and a relaxed vibe resort on the ocean.
Zone for the guests had to be filled with a poetic calm mood. Here it will be possible to gather with loved ones after noisy parties in the city, or instead of them. Sounds of pleasant music, glasses and friendly conversations spill across the living room.
The owners asked to make their private zone look like a hotel room so that they would feel like in a resort every day, without leaving their apartment after a long working day.
The apartments of our new project are located on the ocean coast. We used three elements to create an atmosphere inside the space of the apartment.
▪ stucco on the walls, doors and facades of furniture creates a solid calm background and is an image of white sandy beaches
▪ black parts, such as a table and a shelf, are located in the lower parts of the interior, ground
▪ general light color gamut
▪ flax curtains
▪ dairy towed textile resembles clouds
▪ white warm marble
▪ transparent furniture elements: piano bench, chairs
▪ tornado sculpture pays tribute to the Atlantic and annual hurricanes on the east coast of the USA
▪ a mirror symbolizes the fluidity of time and events
▪ lamp in the form of chains resembles a port atmosphere
We used materials of soft shades:
  • microcement (floor, walls, ceiling)
  • stone marble calacata gold
  • stone travertine in the bathroom with vertical decorative milling
  • stone black nero marquina nightstand
  • polished chrome
  • metal brushed brass
  • textile linen, tweed, boucle, velvet
  • clear white glass
  • walnut wood shutters in the bedroom

Given the hot tropical climate of Miami, we gave preference to microcement instead of a wooden coating in the finish of the floor. This creates a pleasant tactile sensation and ensures the integrity of a seamless background for the interior, leaving the focus on sculptural furniture, decor and textiles.
All walls are also finished with microcement darker tone and serve as a base in the interior.
In the selection of furniture elements, we focused on sculptural forms and on the space around. We tried to leave the air around without resorting to the furniture “attached to the walls” and “placed at the corners” in the planning decision. This creates a light and unobtrusive mood, and a sense of freedom.
In the interior, pauses and emptiness are important, like moments of silence in a piece of music. Emptiness and fullness form space equally. Even without being a happy owner of musical ear, a person distinguishes musical harmony from cacophony and hears fake notes.
In architecture, loud sonorous notes of accent details are adjacent to the silence of a calm background, forming a harmonious composition.
The kitchen area is solved in the form of an island and hidden spaces with retractable facades. Owners daily use a large number of household appliances: toaster, kettle, blender. In a light and elegant interior, any of these items may violate the design concept.

We used a hidden space with sliding facades, where you can hide all the accessories and maintain a clean image of the interior.
Living room
A creative atmosphere reigns in the living room, standard entertainment in the form of a TV is replaced by a white piano and built-in projector, and a collection of favorite books is enticingly placed on decorative massive metal shelves.
Particular attention is paid to the master bedroom, and the creation of an atmosphere in it, conducive to relaxation and stress relief. We have equipped here a small oasis with plants, a floor lamp and a comfortable armchair. This is a zone of contemplation of sunrises and sunsets over the ocean.

The advantage is complete autonomy, as the bedroom is combined with a wardrobe and a bathroom.
The bathroom was designed so that during the morning invigorating shower overlooking the ocean, the owners felt like on vacation, and in the evening they could soak in a spacious bath made of natural stone, immersed in a relaxing atmosphere.

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