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Cozy apartment Ukraine





105 sq.m.





Cozy apartment

They value time, but love guests. They love family evenings, but respect privacy. They plan an office, but feel the joy of having to remake the office into a children’s room.

This is the apartment interior for a young family. The entire layout, every corner of the room here reflects the lifestyle of customers, which we have studied. The entrance hall, kitchen, dining room and living room are combined into a single space, but the purpose of each zone is easy to read. Zoning is created by lighting techniques and furniture layout. The bedroom is connected with the dressing room and the balcony, which serves as a boudoir. Decorating, we worked more with shapes and textures, using a lot of natural materials and shades. The colors of the forest-steppe dominate. Even though they are not so expressive visually, but they are warm and soothing in the pleasant texture of carpets, pillows, curtains. As a result, there is no attachment to color in this interior. And even if you remove the color, it will still be perceived holistically.

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