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Pine Cove House Interior Ukraine



made for DIM development


380 м²




We create spaces that express the individuality of our clients. Their values, desires and life scenario. When there is nothing superfluous in the interior of the house, you recognize yourself in it.
The new lux is a fusion of interior and architecture with the environment. Outer space flows into inner space, complementing each other and continuing in each other.

In a cottage near Kiev we have achieved such synergy that the landscape outside the window becomes like a picture in the interior of the living room.
After a busy day, you return home, take off your clothes and sit on your bed. Around you are panoramic windows overlooking the coniferous forest, and in front of you is a bath. This is your bedroom, the interior of which sets the scenario for a wonderful evening.

The master bedroom areas flow into one another, creating a space for complete relaxation. After a warm bath, wrapped in a soft robe, you open your favorite book and feel that this day ends perfectly.

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