New Luxury
10 JANUARY / 2019
Elena Kisenko
Founder, Chief architect at Dezest
Time goes on, and nowadays life is changing so rapidly that if you fall out of the global hysteria of the information consumption and continuous learning even for half a year, there will be an abyss between you and modernity.

I can't help but wonder why we are so willing to embrace new technologies in the form of excessively thin, light and laconic computers, omniscient phones with face and speech recognition, and wear clothes made of modern, thin, warm and heat-retaining fabrics, that prevent us from sweltering in the heat or freezing. But why are modern tendencies so difficult to integrate into interior designs? Into our houses and public spaces where we spend time with friends, raise our children and solve our work issues or problems?

It is a bit of a mystery to me. How can a person with an iPhone and a Tesla still want to add luxury to their dwelling interior, but only a little, monograms, but not overly ornate, and gold, but just a tiny bit?

Certainly, the issue of home style is very individual, and I believe that there is nothing more important than the client-architect synergy when working on residential buildings. Design and implementation is always a fairly long-term process, and both parties can enjoy it only if they are satisfied with the presented design solution and encouraged to implement it. So what should you do if there are a whole lot of interior styles, but you don't know what your heart desires? The new luxury style may prove useful in this case. The styles are fairly timeless and completely adaptable for personal needs.

Do the clients who proudly show their architects the pictures of a neighbor's apartment/summer house/pool, even wonder how awfully outdated are the architectural solutions they want to turn to? About 10 years ago a neighbor decided to build a summer house and about 8 years ago he came up with a plan, and it's better if he relies on the help of a professional, rather than uses the popular post-Soviet "I-know-everything-better-than-anyone" method. About 7 years ago he began to build it and about 4 years ago he completed the construction, and for several years now he has been living in a house which is, in his opinion, perfectly thought-out. Yes, as you correctly understand, these solutions are a decade old. And why does the client believe that the architect, who he turns to, the one who annually attends world exhibitions, keeps track of the world trends and the development of construction technologies on a daily basis and gets acquainted with new materials knows less than that client's neighbor? Surely, it's worth mentioning that you should take the process of choosing an architect seriously and make sure of his competence, but this may be the topic for a separate article.
So my advice to future clients would be to find your architect, merge with him in a single flow of creativity and discover your own "new luxury". I believe that in a world that is developing at nearly the speed of light, it is very important to have your Place of Power. This is kind of a modern interpretation of the expression "my home is my castle". And the size of the place doesn't matter if it is the one that fills you with energy. Be that a smart apartment of about 40 square meters, or a chic penthouse with an area of 400 square meters. All that matters is how well the space to which you return to every evening is organized. If there is room for all your belongings, be it a snowboard, workout gear or a collection of shoes. If the way you use your living space is taken into account, whether you are a housewife who spends 90% of her time at home or a bachelor who sometimes doesn't even return home to spend the night. The needs are completely different in each case.
I consider time to be the most valuable human resource and the most limited one. And if you have time to waste your life on the implementation of your neighbor's long-outdated ideas then you just don't need professional assistance. You need it if you want help in creating a space devoid of visual garbage. The space where every detail is there for reasons of function or style. Every day we absorb tons of information from our computer screens during work and in our spare moments we get sucked into social networks or consume the content of entertaining nature. I am one hundred percent sure that the future lies with the visual-noise-free recreation. A house should become the place where our eye rests from the abundance, relaxes and enters the mood of blissful creativity. I am certain that a house should become the place where its tenants will be able to hear their inner voices and live in the moment without being distracted by the figments of some designer's mind, gaudy trims and flashy panels. The most valuable is the space and the person's experience in it; the most luxurious is the use of natural materials in decoration and the window view and the most expensive is the correct zoning and logical layout when you don't need to go around in circles performing your daily routine.
I highly appreciate the style of modern interiors with the prevailing shades of white, gray, umber and caramel, ocher and mustard, all those soft and visually pleasing hues given to us by nature that evoke a sense of tranquility and relaxation. I like feeling that in the interior which I designed there is space left for people who will live in it, and that every square centimeter is not filled with my design endeavors. I like the textures which are living and real, when they speak to you and invite you to touch them. When wood exposes its roughness and imperfection, when stone has streaks formed for centuries, when textiles are soft and plush or hard and textured. I like the cleanliness of mirror surfaces and the fineness of metal elements. I love it when every technical detail is thoroughly thought-out and all that remains is only to enjoy using them. It matters to me to have a place for all the household needs, but if they are cleverly hidden from prying eyes so that the house gives a feeling of relaxation and sweet bliss, and doesn't welcome you in with a clothes airer or a vacuum cleaner.

Pay more attention to where you spend your life and never lose the desire for change!